Over the last ten years, I have specialized in preparing seasoned and fledgling executives and entrepreneurs for what’s next in their professional lives.

I have worked with many of them to remove the mental and emotional blocks in their way of becoming true leaders in their companies and within their chosen fields.

As well as, the removal of the mental and emotional blocks in their way of beginning a new business, growing a current business and preparing them for the sale of business that they have built. As well as, the aftermath, results and ‘new reality’ of a sale.

Over the years, my consulting has grown to include application of my method to strategic hiring practices, management of employees, staff and colleagues to reach goals. It’s been very exciting to expand into transforming work culture and the creation of a new work culture within companies through transforming the executive staff and providing training to them and subsequent training to their employees and staff.

I continue to work within technology start-ups, media and entertainment companies, manufacturers, finance companies and a wide variety of professional service firms.


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