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Whether you are coming to do the work as an Individual, Partners or as part of a Group, all clients begin with the Intro Intensive. The Intro Intensive process, is your initial transformation!

The focus of the Intro Intensive is the uncovering of the core blocks that are in your way and we work to resolve them within the same process. At the same time, you are learning the basic building blocks and language of the method that we will use to remove specific emotional and mental blocks related to your business or personal relationships or any areas of life that you choose to focus the work on in your Coaching Sessions and / or later in your Advanced Intensives.

Once you have had your initial transformation, you will see all aspects of your life with a clarity that you simply have not had before. Many clients refer to this as a ‘blind fold being removed’.

These initial stages of transformation and having a new lens to filter and understand your current and past experiences, makes for a very exciting time! Clients are typically in a hurry and are excited to cement the learning and application of the method to all areas of life that they have felt stuck.

With your initial transformation complete, we quickly move into application of the new tools that you have acquired to make core changes in the life areas of your choice. Application and further growth occur through your Coaching Sessions.

We are not sitting around lightly discussing your day and commiserating with one another over your dissatisfaction and wondering what to do about it! In coaching sessions, we are talking about your life, while applying the method you’ve learned to resolve the blocks that are in your way. We are enabling you to make real changes in the life areas you decide to focus on through a method that becomes second nature for you to practice and apply. With enough guided practice with me, you are then able to apply the method on your own to remove what’s blocking you from your business and personal goals. My eventual obsolescence as your Coach, is built into the process itself!

For those clients that enjoy the intensive format and feel time is of the essence, you also have the option to do Advanced Intensives.

The Advanced Intensives provide an opportunity for you to accelerate the removal of emotional and mental blocks in a timelier manner than through sessions, alone.  Essentially, we zero in on one particular life area that you are seeking to make changes and I expertly guide you, in real time, in correcting all of the core blocks that are related to that life area. You are ready for what’s next in that part of your life within 3-4 days, as opposed to weeks, through sessions alone.

For those that wish to subscribe, I also offer a 60-minute group call, 2x per month that focuses on burning or hot topics submitted by current clients for discussion.

These submissions typically focus on various and specific challenges or information that has come to light as a part of the work. Getting a group perspective, expert guidance or just to observe how other clients are approaching similar life blocks is a very beneficial adjunct to your personal and professional work.

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